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The Prime Holding Group headquarter in the State of Minas Gerais - Brazil

The founders of Prime Holding Group began their history in 1985, with the VMI Medical Systems, which aimed to provide to the market medical products with the latest technology, such as X-ray conventional and digital, portable X-ray, mammography, bow surgical, ultrasound systems, remote-controlled table, hemodynamics, magnetic resonance imaging (MR) and radiotherapy simulator. In 1989, a project hitherto unprecedented in Brazil was created with the support of the broad technological expertise held by the company in generating images using x-rays.



The Group has the mission to advise, plan and control, seeking solutions through strategic planning, new business for the group companies and monitor existing business, promoting growth and synergy between the companies.





Being the pillar of support for the sustainable growth of all group companies, and the link between managers, fostering a relationship with interdependence.




. Ethics in all relationships

. Respect for the customer and partners

. Continuous development of employees

. Teamwork and interdependence

. Innovative attitude

. Pursuit of excellence

. Standardization of all processes and controls

. Environmental and Social Responsibility

. Community development that is inserted



Prime Holding Group is reflected in four important pillars to ensure sustainable development and success of their companies and employees. These are:

Continuous innovation


Teamwork with interdependence


Technological evolution


Pursuit of excellence


The Prime Holding Group Pillars




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